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Discover the life
you are meant to live.



are you ready to be the lead in your own life story?

I am here to help you get immediate clarity on your life direction and confidence that you're intentionally living the life you are meant to live.

Through a one-on-one lifeplan experience using the esteemed Paterson Process, I will move you from living a good life to living a great life, one with purpose and deep satisfaction. 

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What is a LifePlan?

What would your life be like if you knew exactly who you are and what you need to live a meaningful life? What if you had a clear sense of direction and built a career and long-term goals that catered to your deeper purpose?

That kind of life is possible. And we can get it for you in two days. 

A LifePlan™ is a customized master plan that applies to every aspect of your life. By helping you discover your big life purpose through a signature process, I work with you to outline specific strategies to help you live out your calling in your personal life and work. 


- You are dying to break through the inertia and finally do the thing you've always wanted.
- You have been pouring your life out for other people and on the brink of burnout you feel like now is finally your time.
- You feel like you've been giving a lot of thought to your future, but you just can't seem to get out of a cycle of undirected thoughts.
- You sense a big career change or vocational shift is coming but you're not sure what's next.
- You are longing to experience more intimacy in relationship, but you're not sure if this person is "the one."
- You feel like this might be your last chance to get it right.

How It Works

During your LifePlan™ we examine where you're headed, assess what your life is like currently and then identify the talents, values, wiring and other gifts that will help move you toward the ideal life for you.

Through the process, we answer questions like:

- where should I live?
- what kind of job best suits me?
- who should I marry?
- how can I make more time for me?
- what role does spirituality play in my life?
- what is my contribution to the larger world?  


Explore the packages below to decide which lifeplan program is best for you. 

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LifePlan Client
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LifePlan Packages

Choose which of the following packages best suits your growth style and then click the "get started" below
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Having trouble deciding? I can help guide you to the best option during your free introductory consultation.


lifeplan kickstart
90-minutes in person or virtual

Get immediate insight on what's working and what's not working in your life today with this comprehensive life assessment.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and you're not sure what to do next, this is a terrific first step toward gaining clarity.

If you later decide to do the full Clarity and Confidence 2-Day LifePlan Retreat, your investment in this kickstart will go toward the cost of your lifeplan.



Indulge in some seriously intentional self-care with this life direction and personal wellness retreat. 

Includes the comprehensive life assessment found in a LifePlan Kickstart, plus :

  • Custom lifeplan charts

  • Digital images from your retreat

  • Digital LifePlan Playbook to keep and edit for life

  • A Paterson Center customized journal

  • Action list with scheduled next steps to immediately move toward your purpose

  • Unlimited email support for 6 months

  • All meals, snacks and beverages



Extend the value of your 2-day LifePlan intensive with follow-up coaching and additional tools to help you deepen your learnings.  

Includes all the benefits of the Clarity and Confidence 2-day LifePlan to discover your life purpose and create your lifeplan, plus :

  • Two (2) 90-minute follow-up LifePlan implementation and accountability meetings (virtual or in-person)

  • copy of Tom Paterson's book Living the Life You Were Meant to Live

  • Simplified Planner or Daily Greatness Business Planner (your preference)

  • good reads bundle of recommended personal and professional development books

*Packages range from $350 - $3500 depending on services rendered. Payment plans and non-profit rates available.

Want to go beyond the two-day LifePlan experience to target a specific challenge you're facing?

Click here to see additional specialty packages for a dynamic personalized retreat.

What Some of My Clients Say

I was feeling particularly antsy with where I was in my life. I knew I wasn’t getting satisfaction out of my job and I knew this was not my career I wanted to advance in, which brought my discouragement and hopelessness during my days.
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My strong friendships and circle of friends I formed during college and post-grad were drifting apart and I felt I didn't have a strong footing in my relationships. I didn't feel connected with God but wanted to hear His voice clearer to know which direction I should go with my life. The more I thought about possible changes I could make (career, moving cities) I became overwhelmed and guilty for not being grateful for what I already had. I knew this was not what God intended for me and I wanted to have a stronger hold with how I could serve God better in my unique ways how He created me. I wanted a direct plan and application to move my life forward in a direction that would be pleasing to God but also fulfill my own personal desires.

Having gone through LifePlan, I am more aware of myself and confident that my past was not a mistake. Even parts of me I disregarded and did not pay special attention to formed who I am and what I love to do today. I have a clear vision of my life where it is and where I hope to see myself in the future. This is no longer a daunting possibility or even a ridiculous dream, but because my vision is in line with my talents and heart, I know God placed these dreams deliberately. They are mine to achieve and no one else's.

I felt extremely constrained, frustrated and uncertain as to whether I was in the right job. Facing burnout, I knew I needed things to change.

During our time together, Chanel gave me the space and encouragement to share in a structured but free-flowing way that engaged my head and, more importantly, my heart. Typically I'm not an emotional person but Chanel's genuine interest in my story and experience allowed me to be vulnerable and acknowledge some deep-seated fears and concerns, which in turn helped us together to build a framework for moving forward. Building a LifePlan is a collaborative process and I valued Chanel's earnest enthusiasm for the process and her discernment in connecting the dots of my life to bring some key points to my attention I had not previously considered.

Ultimately, I came away empowered to begin making immediate changes that have affected my emotional and physical well-being for the better, and eventually to resign from my job and take some time to more deeply consider ways in which I could use my gifts and passions both at work and in the other realms of my life. The journey is still very much in progress and I feel hopeful about the future, armed with the self-assurance of knowing who I am, what I believe, and what I am most passionate about. 

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*payment plans and non-profit rates available