The Short Version


My clients say I bring clarity to chaos with the way I put language to the whirl of thoughts and feelings running through their heads. And I do it all with unwavering optimism because I truly believe every woman has the potential to live an incredible life. I am a certified lifeplanner, trained in marriage and family therapy, who is passionate about empowering individuals and couples to stop living a pretty good life, and start living a great life--the kind of life that is only meant for them and overflows with purpose, fulfillment and deep satisfaction.  

I'm also the mother to the cutest little boy of all time (fact) and
the wife to a rockstar psychiatrist who is saving the world one mind at a time.

Here's the Oprah interview version...


I grew up in California as the "best friend." By that I mean I was the cute little black girl that everyone loved because I was loyal, dependable and the biggest cheerleader for everyone in my life.

After growing up in California, I moved to New York City to pursue a career in publishing. I hustled hard and eventually landed a job at Hearst Magazines where I absolutely lived out my Sex in the City dream as a working New Yorker. 

Then one day while standing in the middle of Rockefeller Center behind the velvet ropes of a life-sized kitchen my magazine had built, I realized none of it mattered. I was experiencing success in a life I wasn't sure I wanted and the deepest passions of my heart were being ignored. I found myself caring much less about drinks in Manhattan and rushing home to work on a blog I'd started with my best friend to talk about dating. 

Within weeks I Kissed Dating Hello had thousands of readers and my heart was stirring as I was given a privileged spot in people's lives to help them discern what to do in relationship without losing themselves in the wave of excitement. 

So, I jumped ship (or kitchen) and leaped into a life of meaning.

I became trained as a marriage and family therapist and certified as the only female LifePlanner in New York by the esteemed Paterson Center. I'm also certified with the top marriage prep and education organizations around town (Prepare Enrich, SYMBIS and the Gottman Institute). I have the honor of counseling many couples as they prepare for marriage, lead workshops for various organizations, speak at conferences, write, write, write, and best of all, help women discover the big purpose for their lives. I get the joy of reminding people every single day that they are the lead in their own life story and the amazing life they desperately want is available to them if only they'd make a plan.

But enough about me! 

I'm here for you. Let's get to know each other for real so I can help you start living the incredible life you're meant to live. I'm available for a free 30-minute strategy session to chat about where you are now and where you're going! Let's do this. #lifestartsnow